Educational therapy, a missing link?

An article that I wrote for the International School Parent Magazine about my profession and how I can help your children succeed. Click here to read the article

Being discreet about your “Special Needs”.

Parenting a child with invisible special needs is not always easy! Are you making use of all the facilities that you are entitled to as a parent who has a child with special needs? To all of you with invisible special needs, do you use all the facilities or are you sometimes afraid of using […]

International School Parent article – How are you feeling?

The most frequently asked question “HOW ARE YOU FEELING?” is a difficult one to answer. An article that I wrote for the International school parent magazine where I introduce the readers to the basic concepts, the science and strategies for interoceptive awareness and self regulation. Click here to read the article Share on facebook Share […]

Let’s talk about HAPPINESS!

Happiness is the feeling we use to describe a meaningful and purposeful life. It is not about the immediate gratification of having something that makes you happy. Sure, doing things that makes you happy will contribute towards your own happiness, but it is much more than that.